Tompkins Democrats for Hillary Clinton kick off local campaign with Mayor Myrick front and center

February 25, 2016 by Rachel Cera

Mayor Svante Myrick announced last fall he was joining the New York State leadership team for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, and he's kicking off her local campaign tonight.

"Tompkins County Democrats for Hillary" is holding a kick-off event at 8pm on Thursday, February 25 at the Ithaca Town Hall building at 215 North Tioga Street in downtown Ithaca. (It's the former U.S. Post Office building at the corner of Tioga and Buffalo, and organizers say it is handicap accessible.)

Local organizers say Clinton is "the most experienced candidate who shares our values and knows how to get results," though many local Democrats prefer to support Senator Bernie Sanders for the presidential primary. New York State's primary election is April 19, and March 25 is the last day to register to vote in the presidential primary. (The deadline to change party affiliation to vote in the primary was in October.)

Mayor Myrick is one of over 50 current and former African American mayors across the country who have endorsed Clinton, a former Senator and Secretary of State. "I am honored to have earned the endorsement of more than 50 African-American mayors across the country," said the candidate last fall. "From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, what happens at the local level often leads to national change. Mayors make that happen."

Mayor Myrick did not respond to our questions about his support for the Clinton campaign.

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