Flooding in Ithaca's Fall Creek neighborhood as DPW works to clear ice jam blocking Cascadlila Creek

January 6, 2014

The Ithaca Fire Department says an ice jam in Cascadilla Creek is causing localized flooding in some areas of the City of Ithaca, especially in Fall Creek neighborhoods. Some roads are barricaded, and drivers should not attempt to enter those or other flooded roadways.

The Department of Public Works has crews on the scene working to clear the ice jam, which is causing water to back up and leave the creek bed. Warm temperatures yesterday and this morning have brought lots of meltwater through area creeks, and chunks of ice loosened by the flow can clog the creeks.

We're hearing reports of flooding around Dey Street, near Route 13 near the Haunt, and around Lincoln Street west of Cayuga Street. Area residents should check their basements and make sure sump pumps are in working order. Police and fire officials are asking everyone to avoid driving in this area of the City this morning.

Temperatures will plummet through the day on Monday, and dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills will grip the area through Tuesday. Temperatures overnight tonight and tomorrow morning will be as low as 10 below zero, and the high temperature tomorrow is forecast in the single digits. West winds with gusts up to 45mph will be responsible for wind chill readings as low as 35 below. The low temperatures and wind chills pose a frostbite or hypothermia risk for anyone outdoors for even as little as 15 minutes. Wear layers of clothing and a hat to prevent heat loss through your head. Make sure all exposed skin is covered.


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