Water gushing from storm drains complicates Fall Creek flooding as temperatures hover near zero

January 7, 2014

Residents on Ithaca's northside hoped to be done with the flooding that affected the Fall Creek area yesterday, but no such luck. Some of the considerable snowmelt from the weekend, slowed in its path and diverted by ice jams, is now gushing from overloaded storm drains and again flooding streets in the low-lying area.

New flooding this morning on First Street in Ithaca. Photo courtesy of Armin Heurich.New flooding this morning on First Street in Ithaca. Photo courtesy of Armin Heurich.Do not attempt to drive into a flooded roadway, and be extremely cautious about driving on roads without obvious surface water. A little bit of water on pavement could turn into black ice.

City DPW crews spent much of Monday attempting to break up the ice jam in Cascadilla Creek that was causing water to back up into neighborhoods near the Haunt. Pets should be kept away from the flood water, which could be contaminated and is not safe to drink.

The 300 block of Dey Street, Franklin Street from the Piggery east to Cascadilla Creek, and the 400 block of Adams Street are closed to traffic and parking is prohibited until further notice, says the Ithaca Police Department. The 200 and 300 blocks of West Lincoln Street, Short Street, the 100, 200, and 300 blocks of Franklin Street, and the 200 block of Dey Street are reopened to traffic, but parking is prohibited until further notice.

City of Ithaca Alderperson Deborah Mohlenhoff encourages Fall Creek area residents who can't drive to their homes to park in nearby parking lots, such as the Neighborhood Pride Grocery lot. Neighborhood Pride's owners have said area residents are welcome to park there tonight.

Some area residents have found their basements flooding, and IPD encourages residents to check their basements and make sure sump pumps are working. The water-saturated ground could freeze in today's extremely frigid conditions and cause further damage to building foundations, water pipes, and storm drains.

Temperatures today will barely rise into the single digits, and high winds will make the wind chill feel as low as 25-35 degrees below zero. Most area schools are closed today.


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