Extreme cold tonight, but little snow ahead for Ithaca area

February 11, 2014

A winter storm watch is in effect for areas to our south and east as the eastern seaboard braces for what could be a significant winter storm for the southeast tomorrow and the northeast on Thursday. Central New York is unlikely to see more than a couple of inches of snow from this storm system, but first, we have an extremely cold night to look forward to.

Tonight's low temperature across the area will dip below zero, with a likely low temperature overnight as low as -9 or -11. A clear and sunny day on Wednesday will see the temperature rise into the 20s, but it'll still be below zero as area residents head to work or school in the morning.

Early forecasts suggest Thursday's winter storm won't have significant impact west of the Catskills, but forecasters warn that it's too early to be sure of the storm's track. Flights between Ithaca and airports on the coast, Newark and Philadelphia, are highly likely to be canceled on Thursday, and perhaps on Wednesday evening and Friday morning, as well. Airlines are already rebooking passengers with flights later this week. Check with your airline for flight status and rebooking options as soon as possible.



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