Ithaca schools issue cold-weather bus advisory for Thursday and Friday

February 26, 2014

Update: And Monday morning, and we'd bet on Tuesday, as well.

The Ithaca City School District has issued a cold-weather bus advisory for tomorrow and Friday mornings, as overnight temperatures in the Ithaca area are expected to drop to or below zero for the next two nights.

Photo by ThoseGuys119.Photo by ThoseGuys119.Students who can see their bus stop from their homes should stay inside until they see the bus coming. High school buses will make additional stops downtown and in Fall Creek to pick up students who usually walk. Planned stops at about 8:35am include the Tompkins County Public Library, the Southside Community Center, and Third and Hancock Streets. Buses for DeWitt Middle School will also pick up at Salem and Birchwood Drive North, and Winston Court and the Walkway, at about 8:45am. School officials say buses are likely to run slightly behind schedule as a result of these measures.



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