Trumansburg elementary school evacuated after someone pulls the fire alarm

March 9, 2015 by Mark H. Anbinder

The Trumansburg Elementary School was evacuated late Monday morning after someone activated a fire alarm in the building, according to a call to parents early this afternoon.

The automated phone call, from district superintendent Michael McGuire, told parents that students were evacuated to the middle school building according to the district's safety plan. McGuire's message says students were returning to their classes for the rest of the day.

"We believe we know the identity of the student who pulled the alarm, and we are investigating," says superintendent McGuire, who tells us the same alarm box was activated about two weeks ago, also forcing an evacuation. He says there was some difficulty resetting the alarm pull box today because of a mechanical difficulty, "so there was at least one additional alarm sound, while the fire department was still present in the building."

"The elementary school was cleared by the fire department, and students have returned from the middle school," McGuire confirmed for us. "We are investigating, and when we identify the individual who pulled the alarm, we will get more information on why they did so," he says.

"The Elementary School staff are remaining calm, very professional, and reassuring to our students," McGuire told 14850 Today.

Last week, the Trumansburg school district instituted a lock-out after a deer carcass was found in a school parking lot with a note that said, "This is just the beginning." Some parents were upset that they heard about the lock-out hours later, and that the district did not provide enough follow-up information to convince them their children would be safe at school.

District officials declined to comment last week.

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