Ithaca DPW crews clearing ice from Cascadilla Creek to head off flooding

March 12, 2014

The City of Ithaca says Department of Public Works crews are working to clear ice jams from Cascadilla Creek, hoping to avoid a repeat of the ice-related flooding earlier this winter. The City says its clearing efforts have sent large chunks of ice further downstream "to the next blockage point, Adams Street pedestrian bridge."

An icy Cascadilla Creek. Photo courtesy of City of Ithaca.An icy Cascadilla Creek. Photo courtesy of City of Ithaca.The City asked residents of the Fall Creek and Northside area this evening to move cars from Lake Avenue and Willow Avenue alongside Cascadilla Creek, so crews could more easily access the creek.

Flooding has been reported at Adams and Willow, on Adams between 1st and 2nd Streets, and at Cecil B. Malone Drive near Route 13 at the north entrance to the Wegmans parking lot.

The City says they are opening the Green Street and Seneca Street garages for free parking until 8am for residents who want to move their cars to safer spots for the night.

Warm temperatures the last few days melted lots of ice and snow upstream, and the rapid melt causes chunks of ice to break off and float downstream. Last night's and this morning's rain and today's snow have added to the flooding potential.


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