Nathan Winters, who visited Ithaca on cross-country bike tour for Nature Conservancy, has died at 34

May 1, 2014 by Mark H. Anbinder

Nathan Winters, who spent several days in Ithaca during his 4,300-mile cross-country bike trip to raise awareness of natural places and natural food, died Tuesday at Albany Medical Center after an accident on his farm. His 2009 journey raised about $50,000 for the Nature Conservancy.

Nathan Winters on his bike trip through Ithaca. 14850 Photo.Nathan Winters on his bike trip through Ithaca. 14850 Photo."I am passionate about many things in the world and had considered various ways to give back," Nathan said of his bike trip in 2009. "But when I dug deep and thought about which cause I truly cared about most and what I was truly most connected to…it was the preservation of nature. I chose The Nature Conservancy as my beneficiary because I feel it is an amazing organization that helps protect our planet beyond ways we can fathom."

He set out on May 10th, 2009, from Belfast, Maine, and headed to Ballingham, Washington, on a trip that took him about six months to complete, staying along the way with new friends he met on Twitter. His "Follow Nathan" campaign raised awareness of the rural areas he visited and funds for the Nature Conservancy, while generous locals provided shelter, a meal, or a beer along the way.

Nathan interviews Bill Barton at Bellwether Cider for his YouTube channel.Nathan interviews Bill Barton at Bellwether Cider for his YouTube channel.While in Ithaca, Nathan interviewed Joe Romano of GreenStar Cooperative Market, vendors such as Leslie Muhlhahn and Brad and Heather from the Piggery at the Ithaca Farmers Market, Bill Barton at Bellwether Cider, and assorted locals. Just before high-definition video recording on phones exploded across the Internet, he used a handheld Flip video camera to capture interesting people for his YouTube channel.

After his trip across the country, Nathan considered Ithaca as one of three places to settle where he could focus on growing natural food, but ended up in Wilmington, Vermont. He moved to Petersburgh, New York last year to operate his wife's family farm, Hill Hollow Farm, not far from the Vermont border.

A funeral will be this Sunday at 1pm at Thomas M. Barber Funeral Home in Petersburgh, and calling hours are from 4-8pm on Saturday at the funeral home. Nathan leaves behind his wife, Eliza, their 13-month-old daughter, Mathilda Marie, and another child due in late September. As of this writing, friends have raised over $23,000 to help complete construction of the family's unfinished house and support Eliza and the farm. Donations may be made at or sent to the Winters Children’s Educational Fund, c/o Hill Hollow Farm, 350 Hill Hollow Road, Petersburgh, New York 12138


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