Ithaca police save teen from apparent suicide attempt at downtown garage

May 28, 2014

Ithaca Police Department officers responding to a 9:47am call of a woman climbing over a railing at the edge of the Cayuga Street Garage roof were able to save a 17-year-old woman from an apparent suicide attempt.

The Cayuga Street Garage. 14850 file photo.The Cayuga Street Garage. 14850 file photo.Officers responding to the scene spotted a woman hanging onto the horizontal pipe railing at the edge of the 7th floor of the garage. "As her body dangled over the edge, approximately 90-100 feet from the ground," says IPD Chief of Police John R. Barber, "the woman struggled to hang on."

Chief Barber says Officer Derrick Moore, the first on the scene, called out to the woman and urged her to hold on, while Investigator Mike Gray raced to the top level and located the woman, whose fingertips were holding onto the railing. Investigator Don Barker and Officer Kevin Slattery arrived and helped Gray grab the woman's arms and secure the group. The woman, not identified by police under standard protocol, was transported to Cayuga Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

"These officers responded quickly to a dangerous situation that likely would've resulted in the death of a young, distraught woman," says Barber. "The officers worked together as a team and saved a human life."


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