NYS Attorney General and FBI clear Ithaca police officers after 18-month investigation

August 7, 2013

The City of Ithaca says an independent 18-month investigation into allegations of criminal wrongdoing by two members of the Ithaca Police Department has exonerated them. The FBI and New York Attorney General's Office reported yesterday, "We find no credible evidence to corroborate the criminal allegations against Lt. Marlon Byrd and Officer Derrick Moore."

The joint statement says the investigation into allegations that the two had collaborated with drug dealers "included dozens of interviews and extensive review of police records and other materials."

The allegations "were brought forward over three years ago by a convicted drug dealer speaking out of self-interest," said Mayor Svante Myrick, who learned of the situation soon after taking office last January. "We must get the facts straight. And we must stand by those members of our police department who loyally serve the city. I fully intend to do both," he said at the time.

"The results of the investigation make it clear that Lt. Byrd and Officer Moore were the victims of baseless allegations and bald-faced lies. I regret that, because of these rumors, our officers and their families have suffered," the Mayor said today.

Tompkins County District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson, who had conferred with IPD on the matter and cooperated with the FBI and Attorney General investigation, says, "It is my unequivocal conclusion that Lt. Marlon Byrd and Officer Derrick Moore did not engage in the acts alleged, and that they are now exonerated."

"The investigation proved longer than anyone anticipated, but I am pleased that it was thorough," Mayor Myrick added. Lieutenant Byrd and Officer Moore remained on duty throughout the investigation, according to Julie Holcomb, City Clerk for the City of Ithaca.


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