Working event Thursday for Ithacans for Bernie group

August 25, 2015 by Rachel Cera

Bernie Sanders is enjoying a rise in the polls, and an Ithaca-based supporter group is getting together this week to help spread the word. Their "Work Day for Bernie" is this Thursday at the Southside Community Center.

Photo courtesy of Bernie Sanders campaign.Photo courtesy of Bernie Sanders campaign."We're a loosely gathered group of Bernie Sanders supporters assembled to help fuel Bernie's campaign," one of the organizers, Becky Chambers Hennessy, tells us. The group is not yet formally linked with the Sanders campaign.

Even though the presidential election, and even the Democratic Party primary, aren't until 2016, Sanders supporters can't wait to get the word out! Anyone who might want to vote for Sanders in New York State's primary election next April must be a registered voter and affiliated with the Democratic Party no later than this October 9th.

"Many folks aren't thinking about the primary yet," says Hennessy, and "New York State voting rules are confusing." Sanders supporters will be canvassing voters who aren't registered as Democrats but who might lean toward Bernie politically. In the Ithaca area, quite a few voters who would support Bernie are registered with the Green Party.

Organizers hope to find out what volunteers are interested in helping with, such as canvassing, tabling, fundraising, and communications, Hennessy says. "We'll also address topics such as labor support, social justice and more." The group is also planning a fundraiser and celebration on Cayuga Lake's shores on September 12th.

The Southside Community Center is at 305 South Plain Street, southwest of the Commons, and all Bernie Sanders supporters and those interested in learning more are welcome. The meeting, Thursday, August 27th at 6:30pm, is in the building's gym.

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