$1.99 gas has made it to Ithaca! (Yes, there's a catch.)

September 30, 2015 by Rachel Cera

Gas prices have been gradually dropping for months, and Ithaca has finally crossed that magical $2 barrier! Yes, there's a catch; that's a members-only price.

Gas prices are dipping below $2 in Ithaca! Photo courtesy of Joe Lisi.Gas prices are dipping below $2 in Ithaca! Photo courtesy of Joe Lisi.Fastrac Markets at the corner of Buffalo Street and Meadow Street in Ithaca's west end is now selling regular gas at $1.99 (and 9/10¢) a gallon if you've got a membership card tied to your bank account. That's not hard, though -- everyone's eligible, and AAA members can enroll instantly, according to Fastrac. That $1.99 price reflects a 7¢/gallon member discount. Even the members-only price at BJ's Wholesale Club hasn't dipped that low yet! (They have an annual membership fee.)

Chuck's Mobil at the corner of State and Meadow Streets also has a members-only deal, several cents a gallon cheaper than the regular price, but you have to buy the membership card up front for about $6.

Regular gas prices aren't much higher at gas stations like Speedway (formerly the Hess Express in Ithaca's southwest) and the Sunoco APlus station downtown. They've been drifting gradually downward, too.

Prices haven't fallen as far elsewhere in town. The Mirabito station at East Hill Plaza is still charging $2.39 a gallon as of Wednesday night! The posted $2.33 price is for cash payments only, but these days it's a little easier to carry around enough cash to fill up the tank!

Do you gladly pay cash for a discount? Look for the best price regardless of brand? Or gas up wherever's along your route without worrying about the price?

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