Cayuga Heights and Lansing fire departments make quick work of Route 13 vehicle fire

October 1, 2013

Traffic heading east out of town on Route 13 during Tuesday afternoon's rush hour was delayed briefly thanks to a vehicle fire on the shoulder of Route 13 near Triphammer Road. The fire, which was visible across town on a clear, sunny day, was extinguished by firefighters from the Cayuga Heights and Lansing fire departments.

A car fire on Tuesday afternoon slowed Route 13 traffic. Photos courtesy of Nathan Reimer.A car fire on Tuesday afternoon slowed Route 13 traffic. Photos courtesy of Nathan Reimer.Nathan Reimer, a bystander whose family owns the Terra Rosa boutique in the Triphammer Marketplace, says the driver and passenger of the vehicle, and a cat accompanying them, were all unharmed.

At its peak, the fire shot flames thirty or forty feet in the air, and produced black smoke that raised concern on South Hill. Mike Darrah, who was driving on the southbound side of the highway, said the heat of the fire could be felt several lanes away.

The fire was extinguished within about ten minutes. Reimer says the pickup truck's bed had been full of clothing and blankets, and the truck's occupants were smoking, suggesting one possible cause of an accidental fire might have been a discarded cigarette butt.

Emergency crews still have one lane of Route 13 northbound closed at this time, slowing traffic in the area until the site can be cleared.


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