Bandwagon Brewpub naming its next beer after Ithaca Mayor Myrick

October 13, 2014 by Rachel Cera

It's not the first consumable named after the City of Ithaca's Mayor, but it has a chance at being the tastiest! Bandwagon Brewpub in Downtown Ithaca is naming its latest beer after Svante Myrick.

The basement brewery, which is approaching its fifth anniversary, always has several of its own beers on tap, as well as great craft brews from around the state and beyond. In addition, they serve cider and wine, offer a full cocktail bar, and have excellent food.

Bandwagon is unveiling its latest beer, "Svante's Legislative Session IPA," this Tuesday at their monthly "Tasting with the Brewer" event. The beer's name is a play on the terms "legislative session" and "session beer," a beer style that's moderate in both bitterness and alcohol content. "Our Session IPA is designed to deliver big flavor while being lower in ABV [alcohol by volume], so you can have two or three," says Bandwagon's head of brewery operations, Michael Johnson.

Head brewer Stephen Bareford worked with Mayor Myrick to select the India Pale Ale after talking with him about his favorite styles of beer. The folks at Bandwagon tell us the Mayor got an early taste of the brew, and proclaimed, "It tastes just like me!"

The Mayor and the Brewpub have a history together; Mr. Myrick's campaign headquarters was right upstairs, and they asked to borrow the eatery's Wi-Fi password while they waited for their Internet service to be connected. They also frequently popped down for late-night munchies.

Mayor Myrick also has a sandwich and an ice cream named after him. He picked a winning sandwich in a Collegetown Bagels contest to benefit the United Way of Tompkins County's hunger and food security fund last winter; the Myrick Mac & More features ham or seitan, macaroni & cheese, spinach, fried onions, and buffalo mayo on french bread. And Sweet Melissa's Ice Cream Shop named one of their homemade ice cream flavors Svante's Inferno last summer. It was chocolate and cayenne ice cream with a salted caramel swirl. Add the beer, and "Those are the three food groups," Mayor Myrick tells us.

Tasting with the Brewer is Tuesday, October 14th, from 6-8pm. Find Bandwagon Brewpub at 114 North Cayuga Street, down the stairs under the yellow awning.


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