DeLorean visits Cornell and Ithaca College predicts hoverboards for #BackToTheFutureDay

October 21, 2015 by Mark H. Anbinder

It just wouldn't be "Back to the Future" Day without a DeLorean, and today, the date Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker visited in 1989's "Back to the Future 2," one of the quintessentially '80s cars took a spin around the Cornell campus.

OUTATIME: That's a DeLorean on the Cornell campus! Photo courtesy of Lawrence Ntim.OUTATIME: That's a DeLorean on the Cornell campus! Photo courtesy of Lawrence Ntim.The iconic metallic car with gullwing doors that open upward instead of forward, the DeLorean DMC-12 didn't sell very well in the '80s, but it has enjoyed a lasting popularity thanks to the sci-fi collectors market. The company's founder, John DeLorean, was arrested for cocaine trafficking in 1982, but was acquitted on grounds of police entrapment according to his Wikipedia page.

Meanwhile, where are our flying cars and hoverboards? Maybe not so far off, says Matthew C. Sullivan, an associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ithaca College. "We're probably closer to being able to create a transportation system that's levitating than we are to creating personal automobiles that can both fly and drive,” says the IC faculty member, who researches the phenomena of superconductors.

According to Ithaca College, when properly cooled, a superconductor will resist magnetic attraction and actually float above a magnet, which could allow it to hover over the right surface. “The only thing that seems a little crazy at this time is being able to hover over any particular surface that you want. That I'm not clear on how we would do,” says Dr. Sullivan. Spoilsport.

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