Hide and seek? A scavenger hunt helps promote businesses with prizes hidden around campus.

October 28, 2015 by Mark H. Anbinder

How familiar are you with the Cornell and Ithaca College campuses? Familiar enough to find a hidden granola bar or restaurant gift card? A campus scavenger hunt startup company with is helping to spread the word about local businesses and national brands by hiding prizes and posting clues for students.

Campus Pursuit co-founder Scott Wisotsky, a recent Binghamton University graduate, says he and his partner founded the company as roommates after he interned at a handful of startups. "We realized that many brands wanted to reach the college demographic, and we wanted to create a fun solution to fill this need."

One of the featured brands this week is the BoatYard Grill, a west-end Ithaca restaurant that wanted to reach a student audience a new way. "It's a fun scavenger hunt on both campuses," says manager Brian Jardin, who tells us there are dozens of BoatYard Grill gift certificates being hidden at both Ithaca College and Cornell.

"There will actually be three waves of prizes going out," says Beverly Wallenstein, a Cornell student who got a job with Campus Pursuit. "I actually used to use the app, which is how I originally got involved," she tells us. "Finding a prize is so exhilarating and fun, and it's really amazing to be able to continue to give that experience to others."

Recent prizes include Portapocket hands-free travel wallets, KIND granola bars, MeUndies, Starbucks gift cards, and Fiverr gift cards, but today, there are hundreds of dollars worth of BoatYard Grill gift cards hidden around the IC and Cornell campuses.

Wisotsky says some recently hidden prizes have been between two recycling bins, inside a flower bed, between couch cushions, next to an ILR vending machine, behind a particular library book, and at Ithaca College's iconic fountain. "I have a lot of fun running around hiding prizes every day," says Wallenstein.

Join in the hunt by downloading the Campus Pursuit app for iPhone or Android.

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