East Hill Plaza area closed due to flooding

December 1, 2010

The area around East Hill Plaza in the Town of Ithaca is closed at this time due to flooding, say county officials. Pine Tree Road and Ellis Hollow Road are flooded and unsafe for vehicles. The parking lot at East Hill Plaza has been called "a small lake" by an office worker in the area.

Water runoff drains in along Snyder Hill Road are overflowing, adding to the difficulty. Hours of heavy rain have produced a volume of water that, even on a hilltop, can't drain quickly enough.

We're also hearing that flooding near Fall Creek has resulted in problems at the Ithaca High School complex and at the Ithaca Convention & Visitors Bureau, along Lake Street and East Shore Drive. Ithaca City School District has canceled after-school activities for today at all its schools and facilities.

As the temperature drops through this afternoon and rain turns to sleet and snow, the flooding should subside, but wet road surfaces could turn slick.

At the same time, travelers are finding most flights in and out of Ithaca are delayed or canceled due to weather conditions at major airports across the northeast.


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