One injured in fire at the Jungle tent camp in Ithaca's West End

December 11, 2013

The Ithaca Fire Department is working to extinguish a tent fire at "The Jungle," a tent camp inhabited by otherwise homeless people in Ithaca's West End. IFD public information officer Thomas T. Basher Jr. says one person has been injured and is being transported to the hospital.

A fire this afternoon in Ithaca's West End. Photo provided by IFD.A fire this afternoon in Ithaca's West End. Photo provided by IFD.Basher suggests that people should avoid Ithaca's West End while IFD, as well as personnel from Bangs Ambulance and Ithaca Police Department, are on the scene. Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

The Jungle is an ad hoc homeless community in the largely industrial area between Wegmans and Route 79 where it passes over the Cayuga Lake Inlet. The small tent city is occupied year-round by several dozen residents who prefer to remain there even when offered other options, and has existed for around sixty years.


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