Late-night traffic stop lands three in jail when police find stolen firearms

December 12, 2013

Three men were remanded to Tompkins County Jail after a late-night traffic stop led to police discovering stolen firearms in the vehicle. The arrests came after Cornell University police officers stopped a car in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The Cornell University Police Department says officers, who are deputized as Tompkins County sheriff's deputies and are empowered to operate off the Cornell campus, stopped a car at 1:53am on Tuesday, on Ellis Hollow Road near East Hill Plaza when they observed traffic infractions. The officers discovered a 16-gauge shotgun and a .22 calibre rifle in the vehicle, and determined that they had been reported stolen in the City of Ithaca.

Driver Ruben Tarrats Jr., age 20, of Ithaca, was charged with third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and three traffic violations. He and his two passengers, Nagee E. Green of Dryden, and Asa M. Alpert-Eschbach, of Ithaca, were all charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property in connection with the two firearms. All three were arraigned in Town of Ithaca court.


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