Ithaca firefighters make quick work of basement fire at Holiday Inn on Christmas

December 26, 2013

An early afternoon fire in the laundry room at Downtown Ithaca's Holiday Inn brought firefighters out on Christmas Day. The Ithaca Fire Department says firefighters were dispatched at 1:45pm Wednesday for an alarm at the South Cayuga Street hotel.

Downtown Ithaca's Holiday Inn. 14850 file photo.Downtown Ithaca's Holiday Inn. 14850 file photo.IFD says they arrived to find a large dryer in a basement laundry facility was on fire, and filling the building with smoke. Crews quickly extinguished the fire before it could spread beyond the laundry room or affect guest accommodations, and then used large-volume fans to clear smoke from the basement and ground floor.

No hotel guests or staff, or firefighters were injured in the incident, and the hotel was fully reopened yesterday afternoon. In addition to three IFD fire engines, a NYSEG crew responded to confirm that the natural gas supply to the dryers was safe. 

The Holiday Inn is slated for a major renovation, which will replace the older, motel-style portion of the hotel's guestroom space with additional conference and banquet space, and a second guestroom tower.


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